Driving traffic using Twitter?

The Twitter fail whale error message.
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“If you are a small business owner like me, then you are no stranger to the fact that learning how to master Twitter can seem a little bit like wrestling a hungry alligator. Meaning, there is a steep learning curve and if you mess up it can be deadly.

Figuratively speaking, of course!

After using Twitter for the past couple of years, and following a lot of trial and error, below are ten ways that I think you can begin to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your small business blog.” Source: Top Ten Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Blog Using Twitter

Go to the source to get the 10 ways!

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2 thoughts on “Driving traffic using Twitter?

  1. I'll see the article but I would like to add my own thoughts on Twitter.I diligently work Facebook, Digg, (waiting for Technorati), and Twitter to promote my efforts at the Wisconsin Skier. I find, Twitter to be the best in terms of driving traffic to my site. Facebook is a distant second, and Digg shows up once in a great while.In addition to pumping material out via Twitter I use Twitter to prime my writing pump. Not only that, but it breaks down barriers to those who are in a position to advance my efforts or act as a multiplier on what I am doing.


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