Tactic #9: Leverage the ‘homebases and outposts’ strategy

It has been awhile since I wrote about tactic #8; using branded mail…

Today I’m going to talk about the third pillar of the e1evation system; promoting your online brand and reputation through the leveraging of homebases and outposts. Pillars 1 and 2 are ‘finding your passion’ and ‘publishing’. Once you’re publishing and you’ve found your voice, it’s time to promote your content through the use of social media outposts. Chris Brogan starts us off here…

“Social networks are great places to meet new people, to build new business relationships, and to learn about information from non-traditional sources. But another great way to use social networking sites is as an outpost. What do I mean by this? It turns out that people getting to know you on social networks might also find your content for the first time, and/or something you post to those networks might bring you an opportunity that wouldn’t immediately come to you in other ways. ” Source: Using Outposts in Your Media Strategy

I first noticed the power of leveraging social media outposts during my ‘reign’ as one of the top political bloggers in Wisconsin. I noticed during that time that if I would cross-post to Facebook or some other social media tool, that the post would get more traffic. Although this idea seemed original to me, I found that other great minds like Chris Brogan and Darren Rowse were already heading down this path…

Unfortunately, all this leveraging takes time!. After awhile, I started looking for ways to accomplish my cross-posting objectives automagically…

I’m going to take a second here to follow what may look like a rabbit trail, but it’s not. It’s foundational. I’m going to tell you the most important skill I’ve learned in the past 5 years. Are you paying attention? OK. The most important skill I’ve learned in the past 5 years is managing rss feeds effectively. Wait, you say, that’s it? Yup. That’s it. Let’s review…

Embedding has been disabled for this video so you have to go to YouTube to see it!

This video, however, focuses on news aggregation via rss. The secret sauce is to use the same technology to autopost to your social media outposts. Got that? The key to publishing good content is using inputs to find your passion and publishing your perspective on it; the key to promoting your content is autoposting to social media outposts via rss like this:

You want to drive traffic like crazy? Let rss outputs to outposts do the heavy lifting. Create 100 good posts and your blog will be ranked within the top million websites in the world in about 3 months.

Here’s one final thought on the topic from Danny Brown…

“But there’s a lot more to your blog acting as your hub than not giving over control to third parties. By using your blog as your home-base and connecting the dots to your social outposts, you’re essentially making yourself both resource and resource centre.

Yes, Twitter initiates great connections and is ideal for short-burst infomercials. Facebook is perfect for offering a neutral ground on connecting only with those you want to connect with. Viddler and blip.tv are both great platforms for finding and sharing more than just text. LinkedIn is the portal that holds many a key to your business goals.

But every single one is a separate entity from each other. Not all the connections on one will be connected on the others. See the potential time suck for keeping up with every account, while doing your day job too? There is one common denominator though – you. You’re the filling on the sandwich; the bus driver to the destination; the glue that holds everything together.

Turning this glue to your blog makes it – and therefore, you – sticky. The reason kids like connect the dot books is that there’s a defined path, a clear goal and direction. Taking the pain out of finding you, what you do and where you do it is the adult equivalent of connect the dot books. Your blog-led social media hub is the perfect dot connector.” Source: Defining Your Hub is Part One of 7 Days to Turn Your Blog Into a Social Media Hub

Simple as that! Unfortunately, though, it’s not as simple as that. Either what I said is so fundamental to you that you say ‘well, duh!’ or it all sounded like Greek. If you understand the power of ‘passion, publishing, promotion’ but it did sound like Greek, we need to talk! Comment, call or contact me to discuss how this applies to your business…

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