Afraid of making mistakes online?

Get over it!

“Risk aversion is the number one reason that people and organizations fail to tap the full power of social media. People often tell me that they can’t afford to make a mistake online, because any error will be just one Google search away for anyone to see, forever.

Unless you’re prepared to risk the occasional mistake, however, you’ll never do anything interesting enough to earn real attention or foster real conversation. Even more crucially, you’ll never develop the social media fluency that comes from making, and then learning from, your own mistakes.

Of course, it’s hard to embrace the upside of online mistakes in a culture that avoids admitting failure, on- or offline. So let me do my part to chip away at the fear of failure by sharing four of my own cringeworthy social media moments. Here they are.” Learning from My Online Mistakes – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

If you’d like to read more about Alexandra Samuel’s online boo boo’s go to the source — if you’d like to make some of your own, contact me! I can help you get over it… 😉

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