I keep telling you…

…that in order to thrive, not just survive, on the internet, you’ve got to master RSS feeds! Perhaps if someone else explains it this time, it will start to sink in…

“RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a term used to explain how, instead of you having to chase all over the Web to find the latest stories and news items you are interested in, you get the Web to bring them to you.

This can save you hours. I call it designing your own news service, delivered to you every day or as often as you want.

The “syndication” part of it is like when a comic strip is “syndicated”, that is, licensed to be used in newspapers all over the world. Bloggers and others who provide stories and articles online want more people to read them, so they “syndicate” them – that is, give permission for them to be read where you want to read them.

Blogs (and some other websites) have code in them to make this happen – it’s called a “feed” because it feeds the information to you that you want. How you usually know where that code is to be found is the orange (or whatever colored) icon. And sometimes words like “subscribe to my feed” or “subscribe to this blog”.

“Subscribe” just means that you get the feed and put it into a tool called a “feed reader” – most of these are free.” Source: What’s RSS? — Des Walsh dot Com

Do go to the source and read the rest of the article, but only if you’re wanting to gain a competitive advantage that will help you crush the competition!

Then, if you’re inspired, go back and read all the posts I’ve done on the topic! Hmmm. Sounds a little cranky — maybe I need more coffee [or, I’ve had too much!]… 😉

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