Separate your email from your to-do’s

“Your boss needs the updated PowerPoint presentation file by Tuesday. Your spouse wants to know how many vacation days you’ve got left this year. Your co-worker needs your office pool picks. Everyone gets task requests via email all day long, and it’s so easy to let these messages slip through the cracks. Whether your inbox is stuffed with two-year-old fwd’d kitten photos from Aunt Edna, or if you empty it every day and diligently file away actionable email to a ‘TO-DO’ folder – it’s still not easy to track the messages you’ve actually got to DO something about using email.” Click here to read more…

Update: I use ‘Remember the Milk [RTM]’ — the powerful todo manager with the goofy name — to manage my todos and one of the reasons why is that my todo list has an email address and if a task comes to me in email, I can forward it to that special address and the email will be added to my todos as a task and the body of the email will be converted to a note so I know what the task is about. RTM also has a great web interface, BlackBerry and iPhone apps, and interfaces with Jott! All huge reasons why YOU should use this external todo manager as well!

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