Open source in schools could save the taxpayer billions | ComputerworldUK blogs

Although this post was written in the UK, it’s applicable here…

“In a 2005 report the Government quango Becta showed that schools could effect considerable savings by making use of Free Open Source software such as Open Office. In their study they simply looked at “like for like” software replacement using existing networks and computers.

Since this study we have seen the emergence of the new breed of ultra-portable Linux-based computers aimed squarely at the education sector and the inexorable build of Web 2 services such as Google Apps.

This week the Elonex One, a Linux-based laptop costing less than £100, was launched at the Education Show in Birmingham causing much excitement amongst the visitors and a very serious discussion about how best to support this new breed of Linux laptops in schools.

So much has changed so quickly that a model of Open Source school computing is emerging which could save the UK taxpayer billions of pounds and provide enormous opportunities for the home-grown technology sector based around Open Source software.”

Local school districts would do well to shed their expensive Microsoft licenses and move to open source. Not only would it reduce costs, but it would also breath life into aging equipment as Linux is much more efficient than the bloated Windows operating system. Click the title to read more…

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