Hi. I'm Todd.

From my very first cumbersome Compaq in the 80’s to an app-loaded Samsung Note8 smartphone today, I have been obsessed and possessed with, and captivated by, every aspect of digital technology — especially as it applies to digital brand building and online reputation management.

Following your direction, and led by your mission and vision, I’ll design and build a digital home for your thoughts, business, or enterprise that is both memorable and search and content optimized.

It’s easy to get lost while trying to get found! If you’re in need of an experienced, highly knowledgeable and down-to-earth guide through the dense, dark technology forest, I’m your guy! Let’s connect and start your journey…

Wow. I didn’t know it was possible to use the web this efficiently, to have a website so professional, and to create a platform for doing social stuff this FAST. Todd was key to all of that for me. I’m already an expert in social by many standard but Todd’s coaching took me up to a new level of personal performance and social effectiveness. Highly recommended resource… Nilofer Merchant

Author, Innovation Thought Leader and TED Talker

Email productivity

Does your email inbox look like these? If not, I can help through some practical, tactical training based on David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. There's a great sense of peace one can get by effectively handling email and practicing "Inbox Zero". Contact me...

One of the best WordPress features you’ve never used

WordPress is a powerful tool for so many different reasons but when it comes to social media there are 2 important features that I'm guessing you probably have never used. They are found under the sharing menu and they're called Connections and Sharing Buttons....

Organize your content marketing with Gmail and Chrome

Anyone who has a blog probably has two, or three. After all, to the man with a hammer, every problem is a nail. Here's a great way that I have found to keep all this stuff separate using two free tools available to everyone: Gmail and Chrome....

A simple curation workflow

Blogging is a great way to be recognized as an expert in your field but you don't always have to create all the content that you share on your website or in social media. Effective curation is another means of demonstrating your expertise and giving valuable...

Inoreader’s advanced features

Inoreader is a very powerful tool but sometimes the more advanced features like rules and global search don't make sense until you see how they work together. Here are some links to the most important features followed by a quick how-to video. Please let me know what...

Todd Lohenry transformed how I approach social marketing and sales. Todd’s research and testing cuts through the hype and information overload in the social marketing space. Todd took the time to understand my longer term strategic goals and translated this into an understandable, repeatable and targeted tactical digital marketing process.   

Brian Clark

CEO, DOTSTalent and Metacomm, Australia

My podcast interview on simple content marketing workflows

by Ryan Rhoten

Great collaboration with Todd: he is so patient, recognizes immediately the essential structures of a project and provides a ton of precious ideas. If you ever need a social media and online marketer to support your biz, Todd is the first choice to ask. Thank you for your help, Todd, very appreciated 🙂 Monika Schmidt

Owner, Monika Schmidt Consulting, Germany

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