I love my work…

My path in life is to help thinkers use technology to become thought leaders. One of the best things about this path is that I can do it from anywhere! I choose to live in Algoma Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan about 30 miles east of Green Bay and every day on my […]

The Questions Coaches Say You Need To Be Asking Yourself

Leigh Newman writes: Ellie Gordon, a personal and executive life coach, helps us figure out what we really need to be thinking about when we’re looking for lasting, hard-to-make change. 1. Can I Replace The Word ‘Afraid’ With The Word ‘Alert’? “An artist client recently introduced me to this question,” says Gordon, “and it quickly […]

[Lifestyles of the] Lazy and ‘low-bandwidth’ed

Almost every advancement in simplifying my social media toolkit comes from the simple fact that I do most of my news consumption and production with a 1Mb/s connection from a hundred year old farmhome in rural Wisconsin over a cellular modem. I simply have to be effective in order to be productive! My ‘low-bandwith’ lifestyle […]