Algoma offers fishing splendor

There are good days and bad days for salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, but the fishery is in fine shape and the fish are healthy and biting.

On the western shoreline of Lake Michigan sits the small town of Algoma, Wis. Although its population is just more than 3,000 residents, Algoma is one of the main ports for anglers wanting to experience some of the finest Great Lakes fishing you’ll find.

Located on the mouth of the Ahnapee River, thousands of fishermen from across the country come here during the open water season. Catching salmon and trout is the game they play here, and this year Lake Michigan has not disappointed.

Brothers Bryan and Brad Wiesner have lived their entire lives in the area and grew up fishing this water.

For the past nine years, the two fishermen have run charter boats for Kinn’s Sport Fishing out of Algoma.

Charter fishing is big business on Lake Michigan, and the Algoma port is one of the best to go out of for king salmon and steelhead.

With Kinn’s fleet of 10 boats in operation, it’s a seven-days-a-week job for the Wiesner brothers, as it is for most other charter boat captains on the lake.

“Between the 10 boats, we did over 1,300 trips last year out of here,” Brad said.

“It’s a job for us now, so don’t ever take a hobby and turn it into a job.”

via Wisconsin salmon bonanza: Algoma offers fishing splendor | St. Cloud TIMES |

I can’t believe they write about our little Algoma way over there in St. Cloud, but I guess they do. They may even appreciate our little corner of the world more than we do sometimes! :-D


Cat and birds

Life on the farm is full of lessons. One is that nature isn’t always nice. The barn kitty I love — Boo — is a vicious killer sometimes and that’s the nature of cats. Yesterday, she had her eyes on a prize — a nest with 5 baby purple martins…

The prize?

The whole scenario was interesting to watch mostly because I doubted Boo would be able to open the top of the birdhouse — ironically, it was her own weight on top of the birdhouse that prevented her from getting in. I suppose there’s a deeper blog post in there about thwarting our own efforts but I’ll leave that one unmined. Anyway, what was interesting was the way both of the parents teamed up to scare Boo away. They dove at her like fighter planes around King Kong at the top of the Empire State building actually making contact several times. In the end, the babies were unharmed but it doesn’t mean that Boo won’t crack the code someday…