Better than TV

Image by via Flickr Interesting perspective on the use of time and intelligence… “I was recently reminded of some reading I did in college, way back in the last century, by a British historian arguing that the critical technology, for the early phase of the industrial revolution, was gin. The transformation from rural to […]

How to fail in 2010

I had the privilege earlier in my career to work closely with the great Jeff Martin [the guy Steve Jobs credits with the ‘Think Different’ campaign and you know Steve Jobs doesn’t often give credit!]. Jeff’s response to stupid ideas was to say ‘Well, that’s a great going out of business strategy’. My friend Dana […]

I love to see my customers succeed…

Kudos to Steven Allen Adams who was recently named the top political blogger in the State of West Virginia by the Washington post… “Who is the best political reporter in the Mountain State? That would be Steven Allen Adams, of West Virginia Watchdog, according to a Washington Post Top-50 list. We would like to congratulate […]