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I have a morning routine that I like to follow. After taking care of my biological needs, I feed my kitties and go to the office under the stairs in our hundred year old farmhouse and listen to a Tara Brach meditation while I consume content from all my favorite sources via feedly and enjoy a cup of coffee…

This morning, things were feeling a little close — close as in the lesser known definition of ‘hot, humid, air not moving’ because there’s no circulation in that little room under the stairs. It was spreading into my thinking and I was becoming irritable, so, I moved out to the deck and set up shop with my humble chromebook. As I write, I’m now watching the sunrise as it rises over our fields. A gentle breeze is blowing at my back and my favorite kitty [who can not join me in the house due to my wife's allergies] is sitting like a muse by my side…

So simple! Sit and stew in a small place or move into one with more possibilities. The distance in our home is not more than 20 feet but sometimes a small move can have big consequences for the good…


ParadoxicalProductivity: The First 14


Nicholas Bate writes…

“1: Send Less E-Mail. Get less e-mail.

2: Tidy Up. Gain clarity.

3: Fewer People. Faster, focused and easier.

4: Use A Wall Planner Not Your Phone To Plan. The future, not just today.

5: You KNOW the problem: (1) Wake Up (2) Look Up (3) Get Real

6: Stand Up. Gain determination.

7: You Don’t Need To Be Nice. Polite, loyal and on time definitely. But this ain’t kindergarten.

8: Put the work in at the start. For an easy life later on.

9: Take A Break. It activates higher brain where the best work is always done.

10: Start at the end. Start with the result you want and work backwards.

11: Work Hard To Maintain The Relationship. Productive business needs trusting relationships.

12: Make Small, Big. And Big, Small. Get perspective/get a plan.

13: Know Your Rhythm. Follow your rhythm rather than just the Siren’s call of pure urgency.

14: Re-claim your unique advantage. Stop & Think.

The detail here.

Bonus 1:  Professionalism 101

Bonus 2: How To Be Brilliant

Bonus 3: How To Be Brilliant at Business” via ParadoxicalProductivity, Director’s Cut: The First 14.