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I have a morning routine that I like to follow. After taking care of my biological needs, I feed my kitties and go to the office under the stairs in our hundred year old farmhouse and listen to a Tara Brach meditation while I consume content from all my favorite sources via feedly and enjoy a cup of coffee…

This morning, things were feeling a little close — close as in the lesser known definition of ‘hot, humid, air not moving’ because there’s no circulation in that little room under the stairs. It was spreading into my thinking and I was becoming irritable, so, I moved out to the deck and set up shop with my humble chromebook. As I write, I’m now watching the sunrise as it rises over our fields. A gentle breeze is blowing at my back and my favorite kitty [who can not join me in the house due to my wife's allergies] is sitting like a muse by my side…

So simple! Sit and stew in a small place or move into one with more possibilities. The distance in our home is not more than 20 feet but sometimes a small move can have big consequences for the good…



Ancient grilled cheese secrets

Molly Snyder writes:

I’m far from being a gourmet cook, but I do enjoy preparing food and experimenting in the kitchen. Over the years, I’ve made hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches and, since it’s the last day of Dairy Month, I’m sharing the few simple rules I follow that produce a perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time.

    1. Figure out which pan works the best for grilled cheese and never, ever use another one. Re-buy the same pan if need be. I have made the mistake of using another pan because my grilled cheese sandwich pan was dirty, and it throws everything off. Don’t mess with success, people.
    2. Butter the bread generously. This is no time to cut calories. Promise yourself you’ll eat a salad for dinner and get slathering. The bread slices must be entirely covered in butter to make this thing really work.
    3. Make sure the pan is medium-hot enough. Don’t throw the sammy on the griddle too fast or else it won’t turn out like the sandwich that dreams are made of. And if it’s too hot, it will burn the bread without melting the queso. It’s zen and the art of grilled cheese time – something only you and your stove top can figure out together. Also, put a lid on the pan to trap the heat and melt the cheese all the way through.
    4. Use sliced or shredded cheese. If you have a block of cheese, don’t cut into chunks, rather shred it before putting it between the slices of bread. It will melt better that way. Slices work well, too. But don’t buy those plastic-wrapped ” cheese” slices if you can help it. They melt well but they’re kinda gross.” via Molly Snyder ‘s Blogs: Ancient grilled cheese secrets.

Listen Up! Your Body Has Something To Tell You This Weekend…

Listen to your body

The weekend is almost here, the finish line is waiting for you… you can do it!

If you’re crossing the line feeling a little worse for wear and carrying the load of the week on your back – your mind and body are probably calling out for some well-deserved rest…..however you have other plans.

There’s that amazing party tonight, spin class tomorrow morning, followed by lunch with friends, shopping, some work in the afternoon, drinks in the evening, your nieces birthday on Sunday and then dinner at your parent’s house. You’re exhausted just thinking about it, but it’s nothing that a bit of coffee and concealer can’t fix, right?

But then the next week comes and follows a similar pattern and the coffee and concealer aren’t doing the job and you feel a cold coming on. Sound familiar?

Why don’t we listen to our body when it’s telling us to slow down? We often think we can trick it into thinking we’re fine, but the truth is your mind and body are connected, so any stress felt in your mind, will also be felt in your body and vise versa.

So this weekend, if you feel your mind and body are begging for some respite, listen to what their synchronized little voices are saying! Even if you can only squeeze in an hour or two – your body will thank you for it!

Here’s a few of our favorite ways to give our mind and bodies a little lovin’:

  • Cancel any early morning classes or activities – wake up naturally, then treat yourself to breakfast in bed and snuggle up with a book. Don’t entertain any feelings of guilt for not going to that spin class!
  • Get in touch with nature – go for a walk in your favorite park or if you can, escape to the countryside or to the beach for a few hours. It’s amazing how quickly the cares of the week float away after a hike or when watching a sunset and becoming mesmerized by its beauty. Not only is this good therapy for the mind and body, it’s these precious moments where some of the best dreams or plans are born.
  • Avoid emotionally draining or negative people. Perhaps you have plans with a friend or family member who has a tendency to complain about their life in great detail every time you meet. After two coffees and a piece of cake with them, you end up leaving feeling deflated and heavy – and that’s not from the post sugar and caffeine come down either! Cancel your plans with them and stay at home and make yourself a cake instead!
  • Eat well and laugh with someone you love. Go to your favorite local restaurant with someone special and spend the afternoon putting the world to rights, eat some good food and most importantly, laugh!

What are your best ways to unwind? Tell us what sends you to your happy place!” via Listen Up! Your Body Has Something To Tell You This Weekend….


50 states. 50 sandwiches.

Yummm! My favorite!!! via Holy Kaw! Get more here: 50 states. 50 sandwiches

22 cheap and easy ways to eat healthy

My friend David Kanigan confessed an addition to donuts on his blog a few weeks back and I chided him on his blog without confessing a similar addition to Cheddarwursts and other hotdogs and sausages with similar nutritional value…

No more excuses! Forget about the tempting smells from the pizza place down the block. Or how easyit is to pick up a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on the way to work. These tips make eating healthy not only easier, but often cheaper, too.

Source: 22 Cheap and Easy Ways to Eat Healthy |

At home, my wife is obsessed with providing the best of live and homemade foods. In my office where I have my own refrigerator and microwave the contents are Cheddarwursts and Diet Mountain Dew. Sigh. I need to go to the source and review this list. Maybe you do too…

This Will Probably Solve A TON Of Relationship Problems In Your Life!

People give us Love the best way that they know how to. They can’t give it any other way than they do. And if we are trying to get orange juice from apples over and over again, not only are we going to keep getting let down, we are actually insane! Haha.

It’s simple – we were SENT to GIVE the Love we think we missed or that we think we aren’t getting from someone else. We see where the Love is lacking and so it’s up to US to fill that gap!

After I started treating my father this way, it was like an instantaneous shift in our relationship. And I didn’t go to him and tell him all this; I just started giving more Love. And guess what – it was more Love that I got back…

The same is true for you. You were sent to give the Love that you think it missing in your life and in the world. That’s why you’re here.

Source: This Will Probably Solve A TON Of Relationship Problems In Your Life!

Recognize Your Worth & Don’t Settle


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Mastin Kipp shares this today…

We spend more of our lives trying to chase the proverbial carrot that is “right” around the corner. If we could just become a little more, be a little better, be just a little more perfect, we would be worthy enough to get this carrot.

The joke is on us.

Not only is there no carrot, the only thing we need lies within us. That is our own approval. Everything outside of that is outside of our control.

When we realize that we are enough, as is, we set ourselves free. When we no longer decide to settle for a quarter of the love, the joy and the awesomeness of life that we want and instead, raise our standards and declare ONLY THE BEST – can the best find us.

The Uni-verse is ready, willing and able to give us what our hearts desire. But, in order for this to happen, we have to own our worthiness – AS IS. And be willing and courageous enough to let go of all that resonates with LOVE, with JOY and with our growth.

One of my most favorite phrases that TDL has propagated out there in the internet is: What you put up with, you end up with.

I cannot tweet, email, write or remind myself of that enough. It’s soooo true.

We are here to own our worthiness as is and then be courageous and receptive enough to allow all the good stuff in. This requires us to let go of fears of abandonment or rejection and of not belonging.

For us to live at our Highest Potential we must be willing to let go of that unworthy life and step into a life of knowing how love-able we are, right now.