7 tools for the mobile journalist

The e1evation/Envano team has done a great deal of work over the past six months on building the ‘near perfect’ toolkit for the mobile journalist. It comes from our award-winning work covering trade shows for AGCO. Here’s an interesting post on tools for the mobile journalist. Read the author’s take and then you can have my list of tools…

“The multi-function playground that is the smartphone has shrunk the capabilities of a van-sized 1970’s news team into the pocket of a single reporter. Today, front-page news can stream from any individual with a cell phone camera and a Twitter account, as it did during Iran’s election protests last summer. Today, major news outlets, such as CNN, have crowdsourced parts of their newsroom to locally-savvy citizen journalists, often armed with little more than a camcorder.

In addition to the standard smartphone equipment, such as a camera and social networking applications, we’ve compiled a list of five additional tools that can help a single journalist rival a fully-functional news team. With these tools, a mobile journalist can record data, edit clips, and broadcast polished stories as events unfold.” Source: 5 Essential Tools for the Mobile Journalist

Personally? I must be cranky today because I think this list is lame! My list?

  • Apple iPhone [too bad the ATT network sucks so bad! We need a Sprint MyFi as backup…]
  • Kodax Zi8 HD Video camera
  • Posterous
  • uStream
  • Picasa
  • A notebook computer
  • And a Humvee Combat Vest to put all the equipment in!

Our key to mobile journalism is to assign the right duties to the right assets, be they people or products. Comment, call or contact me to discuss how this applies to your business…

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