Google Living Stories

Image by wallyg via Flickr Google is like the Lucy van Pelt of media. She is quoted as saying “I’m torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy.”… “Today, a new Google project popped up in Google Labs (Google Labs) that is a unique extension of this effort. It’s called Living Stories, […]

Framing your social media efforts

When Chris Brogan speaks, I listen. This time I take issue… “There are three main areas of practice for social media that your company (or you) should be thinking about: listening, connecting, publishing. From these three areas, you can build out your usage of the tools, thread your information networks to feed and be fed, […]

Hmmm. I think I may need to rethink Posterous…

I’ve been a fan of tumblr for a long time, but the fact that Guy Kawasaki chose Posterous for his ‘Holy Kaw‘ blog got me thinking and testing this morning. My jury’s still out, but I’m curious. Here’s a video tour from the ‘digitalchiropractor’ on YouTube — forget the doctor content and follow along. I […]