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Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, I came across the movie ‘Peaceful Warrior‘ via streaming Netflix through one of those ‘list posts’ something like the top 20 inspirational movie speeches of all time. All the standards were there; Braveheart, Rocky, etc. but in the list I also found this clip:

I became interested in Dan Millman‘s story and writing and this morning I found this on FinerMinds:

“Life comes at us in waves of change. We cannot predict or control those waves, but we can become better surfers.” – Dan Millman

How can we as humans develop a talent for living?

In life, we all have moments of perfection. For example, the day you embarked on the sojourn of a lifetime. The moment you realized you found true love. The birth of your child. Or the moment you finally realized your self-worth is more important than anyone else’s opinion of you.

But with these delicious moments comes many more moments in life that are sent to test us. Whether they come in the form of everyday routine, or more significant life events that irrecoverably change us – we must learn how to strengthen our minds, body and soul so we don’t continuously get caught in the undercurrent of these challenging times.

In this wonderful TED Talk, best-selling author Dan Millman (he’s the guy who wrote Way of the Peaceful Warrior) explains how.

Source: A Talent for Living: How to Surf the Waves of Change and Become a Peaceful Warrior

Watch Dan Millman’s TEDx talk below and then if you’re interested, watch Peaceful Warrior via Netflix or Amazon Instant…


Endless possibilities…

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

My wife and sons have departed to visit family for the holidays and leaving me with five glorious days alone in the house. The question is how to best spend this treasure. Five empty days without interruption. To some people that might sound like a nightmare but to a father of six boys with three teenagers an eight-year-old currently at home it sounds like heaven. The question is and how to best spend? The possibilities are truly endless! One possibility? Buy a case of beer and load up on sausage and cheese and make it my objective to watch all five seasons of Castle back to back while never changing out of my boxers. Somehow I feel as if I have a higher calling and that this time could be better invested. What if I used the time to actually read the books on my Kindle that I thought I couldn’t live without? What if I use the time to actually do the exercises I gloss over in those self-help books I’ve purchased? What if I ate nothing but good food? What if I use the time to reduce or eliminate coffee from my morning? See what I mean? The possibilities are truly unless but the choices that I make will tell me more about who I really am than anything that I’ve ever written here…