Yes and Yes: Web Time Wasters

I like Sarah’s blog at Yes and Yes. Every Sunday, she puts together a post of Web time wasters that I enjoy. In today’s post, there was a link to a cost of living calculator at CNN:Money — “Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city?” Here are the numbers…

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Now, I live in Algoma which is significantly cheaper than to live in than Green Bay. $100,000 per year more to live in Manhattan than Green Bay? Really? San Francisco would be a much better bargain…

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I’ve lived in both Manhattan and San Francisco but I’ll take Algoma where you can still buy a fixer-upper less than a block from Lake Michigan for $22k. If all you need is an internet connection to do your work, it can be a great place to live…

Thanks, Sarah for the post: yes and yes: Web Time Wasters.

I love Algoma, but…

…this is a little bit nuts! I was just checking the weather and there’s presently a 25 degree difference between Green Bay and Algoma…

5-29-2013 4-02-14 PM

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That wouldn’t be so bad if the distance weren’t only about 30 miles! I guess that’s why they call it Penguin City…

5-29-2013 4-04-16 PM

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What do you think? @popsdigital was kind enough to give me some tips on photo composition yesterday. If I learned anything, this picture:


…should be ‘better’ than this one:


What do you think? Truth!!!


First of three salmon, trout contests July 7

It’s that time of year and Algoma IS the salmon and trout capital of the world!

The first of three county trout and/or salmon fishing contests will be held next weekend at Algoma, with a “1-2-3 … Go Fish!” Great Lakes Classic team tournament.

Meant to be a fun format at a reasonable price, the “Classic” offers three divisions for solo, two-person and three-person teams at $25 per angler, plus a $10 team fee to get in on the “King of Kings” cash prize for the largest chinook.

A captain’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. July 6 at Algoma Marina. Fees can be paid then, but there will be a $5 per angler late fee for entries not received by July 5.

This is a “110 percent payback” event with all teams receiving some fishing tackle and a copy of the latest Great Lakes Angler magazine while the top teams will earn cash, gas cards and fishing tackle.

Interested anglers can get a tournament entry and rules via e-mail by writing, or calling (920) 883-9792.

Spectacular salmon and trout fishing has continued this week. Though there have been occasional pier and nearshore catches made, the top area has been two to five miles off shore.” via First of three salmon, trout contests July 7 | Green Bay Press Gazette |

Get some!!!

Christmas Tree Ship Presentation

The Door County Maritime Museum has a special event coming up that I’m sure I’ll be attending, being from Algoma and all. Why don’t you join me?

Join us to hear Rochelle Pennington, the author of The Christmas Tree Ship.

Pennington’s verbal presentation will focus on many of the little-known facts surrounding the story including the ship’s mysterious disappearance, clues washed ashore in the decades following the vessel’s demise, ghost ship sightings of the phantom schooner, and mysterious omens believed to have cursed the ship immediately before it set sail on its final voyage on November 22, 1912.

Pennington’s power-point presentation will include many of the century-old photographs of Captain Schuenemann, his family, and the ship.  In addition, the author will have several artifacts along with her to share with the audience:  an axe used to chop trees down, dishes, a spittoon, a clay pipe, an ornament carved from one of the first Christmas trees raised from the sunken ship in 1971 when the vessel was discovered, and an actual Christmas tree from the cargo.  Underwater photos of the ship in its present state, with trees still visible in the cargo area, will be on display as well.

“Author Rochelle Pennington has written two books detailing one of the most well-known shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan‘s Christmas Tree Ship, which delivered holiday evergreens to the citizens of Chicago each Chirstmas season before it was caught in the “Great Storm of 1912″ and subsequently went to the bottom of the lake fully loaded with trees.”

She will be with us at 2:00 pm on June 24, 2012 at the Museum to do a presentation.  Pennington will also be signing books.  Copies of both Rochelle’s books, The Christmas Tree Ship: The Story of Captain Santa and The Historic Christmas Tree Ship: A True Story of Faith, Hope and Love are available in our Museum store.

Get more here: Christmas Tree Ship Presentation | Door County Maritime Museum.


Algoma offers fishing splendor

There are good days and bad days for salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, but the fishery is in fine shape and the fish are healthy and biting.

On the western shoreline of Lake Michigan sits the small town of Algoma, Wis. Although its population is just more than 3,000 residents, Algoma is one of the main ports for anglers wanting to experience some of the finest Great Lakes fishing you’ll find.

Located on the mouth of the Ahnapee River, thousands of fishermen from across the country come here during the open water season. Catching salmon and trout is the game they play here, and this year Lake Michigan has not disappointed.

Brothers Bryan and Brad Wiesner have lived their entire lives in the area and grew up fishing this water.

For the past nine years, the two fishermen have run charter boats for Kinn’s Sport Fishing out of Algoma.

Charter fishing is big business on Lake Michigan, and the Algoma port is one of the best to go out of for king salmon and steelhead.

With Kinn’s fleet of 10 boats in operation, it’s a seven-days-a-week job for the Wiesner brothers, as it is for most other charter boat captains on the lake.

“Between the 10 boats, we did over 1,300 trips last year out of here,” Brad said.

“It’s a job for us now, so don’t ever take a hobby and turn it into a job.”

via Wisconsin salmon bonanza: Algoma offers fishing splendor | St. Cloud TIMES |

I can’t believe they write about our little Algoma way over there in St. Cloud, but I guess they do. They may even appreciate our little corner of the world more than we do sometimes! :-D