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It’s a sad day in Algoma, WI…

For some, anyway. The local McDonald’s Express is closing down — not because they’re doing badly, but because they’re doing so well! I know, that sounds convoluded, doesn’t it? Apparently McDonald’s corporate is pulling the plug because they want them to be able offer the FULL menu of McDonald’s goodies and the location is just to small. For whatever reason, after today the McDonald’s will be just a memory — here’s my last cup of Mickey D’s coffee to celebrate…

Big Red

Photographer Bill Pevlor writes:

“This fireworks burst turned the water red. This was part of the 26th annual Shanty Days celebration in Algoma, Wisconsin – on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

The fireworks are launched from the pier and people line the shore to watch the fun. As you can see, I was positioned on the beach, at the waters edge. If you’re familiar with the area, you might recognize the Algoma lighthouse – it’s that little red dot on the far right of the photo, just above the water.” via Big Red | Pops Digital.