How to Write Engaging B2B Headlines

An analysis of over 10 million headlines shows this:

“If you use a poor headline, it does not matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read.” John Caples A good headline is one that resonates with your audience not one that resonates with … Continued

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9 Trusted SEO Blogs

At last someone has the presence of mind to not only great a great list but encourage readers to add the sites a feed reader! Awesome! This is what experts do…

Search engine optimization is always changing, requiring constant investigation to keep up. One of the best ways to identify new trends, in addition to research and analysis on your own site, is reading the learnings of trusted SEO experts. Adding nine blogs to your daily regimen can be a bit daunting, but you can use a feed reader, such as Feedly or The Old Reader, to corral your content into a single place to digest as it is published.These nine blogs, below, offer information and investigation you can trust to be in alignment with search engine guidelines. They post frequently, and are typically well written and easy to read.

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