Pushbullet: A Must Have App for Smartphone Users!

Ever found a great article that you wanted to read or share on your your desktop but you were stuck in your mobile phone? Push it to your desktop to review later! I used to email those things to myself until I discovered Pushbullet. Pushbullet is a freemium app that will integrate your mobile and desktop worlds in a way that will make better sense of your information…

Effective information management

Threefold path to effective info management (1)

These days it seems that we’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom. Here is some ‘wisdom’ about three tools that will help you manage information more effectively if you will take the time to learn how to use them:

Digging deeper into Gmail

Everything I have ever written about the magical tool called Inoreader can be found here. If you need help managing the information that’s flowing into your world, I can help. Consider this review and contact me using the form below…


What if I told you there’s a way to do it all with email

17opbxYou? You’re a small business owner or solopreneur. You know you need a website you can update by yourself and that there are advantages to participating in social media but you don’t have time to learn WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn and a host of other tools. You know you should be doing an electronic newsletter too and maybe Instagram and Pinterest as well but you just don’t have the time.

What if I could show you a way that you could do all of these things simply by sending an email to the correct address. That all you had to do was what you already know how to do: write an email and attach a picture and that that content would be magically transported across the internet and end up in all the right places, building your brand online and generating leads for you. Well? I can and I will if you’ll let me.

Chances are, you’re already sending dozens of emails about your business every day but because you’re not exposing them to Google and Facebook and Twitter, you’re only reaching one person at a time. The difference between a thinker and a thought leader is that while they both have a point of view, the thought leader shows up in search by using these good, fast and cheap tools to build an online reputations that is searchable, findable, knowable, usable, memorable and shareable. Because of all these ibles or ables, they become credible when buyers are evaluating opportunities in the zero moment of truth.

If you want to make a bigger splash on the internet using a tool you already know how to use — email — use the contact form below to get connected. I can help you get found online…

7 reasons why I love Buffer

Here are the 7 reasons why I love Buffer!

7 reasons why I love Buffer

I’m coming up on the 4th anniversary of the day that I started using Buffer and I love it so much that I tell people if you only purchase one tool to help you manage social media, Buffer should be the one!

Why such a strong recommendation for Buffer?

These are the features that ring my bell right now [although there are many more!]

  • Buffer is completely cross platform and it runs on my mobile devices just as well as the desktop [although there are some functions that are only available at the desktop level!].
  • Buffer is cost effective — my plan costs only $10 per month to manage a dozen social media accounts and up to 200 posts at a time.
  • Buffer shares images flawlessly across platforms so it makes no difference if you’re posting to Facebook, Google+, Linked, Twitter or Pinterest, Buffer will do it right.
  • Buffer recently added an ‘optimal timing tool’ that will get you the best exposure for your content.
  • Buffer has a power scheduler that will allow you to automagically share content in the future, again with the idea in mind of increasing exposure for your content.
  • Buffer has a new tool for creating eye-catching quotes called Pablo. Watch the video to see how it works.
  • Buffer has ‘happiness heroes’ that offer some of the best technical support in the world. In four years I have never had a single bad experience with them.

Watch this to see how these features work:

Questions? Feedback? Comments? Please engage me using the content form below or head on over to Buffer now and get started.

7 reasons why I love Buffer

Feedly vs Inoreader

Feedly vs Inoreader

According to the Pew Study on Internet and the American Life, only about 11% of American internet users know how to use a feed reader. For me, a feed reader is one of my 3 most important tools. Today I look at a ‘rising star’ — Inoreader — and compare it to Feedly, the tool that has been my standard for the past two years. h/t Brian Clark. Here is my take on Feedly vs Inoreader from the early days of usage back in April:

Now, six months later I am still using Inoreader every day. I stopped subscribing to Feedly immediately after this post and I went on to blog about my experiences with Inoreader 18 times during in that six months — more than any other tool I use. You can read every post and see every screencast here.

As I have mastered new features, my workflow has changed. I don’t know how long I’ve been using Inoreader the ways I am today, but here is my current strategy and you are free to use this or make up a different one that works better for you:

  • I over-subscribe to opml feeds from Alltop, the ‘magazine rack’ of the internet
  • I use the rules feature to scrape the titles of content in these feeds knowing that anyone who writes intentionally would put the keywords I’m searching for in their title
  • I then flip through the 200 or so articles this process yields every morning and curate their content where applicable

Here’s what it looks like:

If having this kind of information is valuable to you for research or content marketing, etc., then Inoreader is the tool for you. I encourage you to do your homework, but include Inoreader in your short list of tools that you evaluate. Questions? Feedback? I love to talk about Inoreader and why content readers are so important!