Can Feedly improve your state of mind?

I believe so. Psychologist Alice Boyes recently shared this thought on Psychology Today:

No one needs a research study to know that mainstream news generally consists of reporting negative events. For example, the nightly news or morning paper will tell you about a train that derailed but not the thousands of trains that didn’t.

Especially if you’re prone to anxiety, watching or reading mainstream news can be fear and anxiety inducing. Why does this matter? When the world seems dangerous, people are less likely to get out there and live their lives in interesting ways.

What’s an alternative?  The alternative is to find media and other sources of information that are inspiring and give you a sense of general safety, optimism and abundant opportunity.

Here’s some ways to improve your information diet…

Get the rest of the article here: What’s a Healthier Option Than Mainstream News? | Psychology Today.

Not only can Feedly make you more smarter and more productive, if you use it to ‘accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative’ it can also help improve your state of mind!

How To Craft An Information Diet That Actually Works

How to Craft an Information Diet That Actually Works

Lifehacker Australia has an interesting post on crafting an information diet that I think is worth reading and considering as we prepare for a new year.

Some of us watch a lot of TV. We may read more articles than we need to (the irony is not lost on me here). We go on Twitter to kill our boredom. By consuming information more carefully and treating it like food for our minds (which it is), we can do it in a way that actually works without completely cutting it out of our lives.

Get the rest of the article here: How To Craft An Information Diet That Actually Works | Lifehacker Australia.

Ideas that resonated with me?

  • Create A Separate Account (or Use A Separate Device) for Consuming Information (I use Gmail)
  • Make the Information Come to You (I use Feedly)

They conclude “The amount of time we spend mindlessly consuming information can be astonishing. In order to get a grip on your information diet, separate your information consumption and let it digest, understand what you want from each piece of information, and save time and expose yourself to new ideas by making the information come to you.”

To their advice I would add

  • Jealously guard your business email address — don’t give it to anyone with whom you don’t want to do business — use that Gmail address for everything else!
  • Learn to use RSS and select a feed reader and use it to make information come to you. I have found the best tools to be Feedly, Digg and Feedspot as well as the feed reader in Microsoft Outlook. Use them to lighten your email load.

It might also be a good time to read Clay Johnson’s book ‘The Information Diet‘ — it’s a great resource on this topic.

The information diet


RebelMouse. Amazing technology. The name is still growing on me. Here they share about their products as well as the process of story telling around it the product.

Have you seen the RebelMouse Company video? It’s pretty great and we’re really excited to share it with everyone. As much as we love working with our brand and publisher clients to create amazing content marketing programs, it’s a different story when the cameras are turned, literally, on us.

Get the rest of the article here: RebelMouse Blog – 7 Things We Learned Making the RebelMouse Company Video.

My RebelMouse page is embedded in my website here.

Let’s be careful out there

Fans of the old Hill Street Blues TV program will remember this…

I just ended a two week long battle with — a stupid piece of malware that highjacked my search in Google Chrome. Because there’s so little in my life I can actually control, I get really agitated when there’s something about my computer that I can’t control so this really drove me nuts!

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing an increase in malware — apps that do malicious things to your computer. And, distributors of malware are getting very creative using official logos and artwork, etc. to get people to download their garbage onto their computers. The most creative one that almost took me in looked like a Flash updater from Adobe, but it wasn’t…

Read the fine print!
Read the fine print!

It’s getting so you have to carefully read everything before you install it so if you’re responsible for your own computer, be very careful about how you update. Read the fine print and only download from the ‘official’ company site. Also, in the past I have been very reluctant to use security suites but I am currently a  Malwarebytes [their tech support helped me get rid of] and AVG Internet Security subscriber. It’s war out there — don’t be a casualty!

Another one bites the dust

Remember this one?

It’s great when it’s a Queen song but so great when it’s a free app you love like Trapster…


How do you avoid this? First, be careful about what software you actually download and believe it or not, I believe you actually want to pay for software you rely on. You may think you’re getting away with something by using a lot of free apps but as they say about Facebook, if you’re not not sure where the revenue is coming from, it’s coming from selling your personal data. Do yourself a favor and look for apps that are freemium and actually pay developers for what you use. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will keep your favorite apps from disappearing…

Oh, and if you’re looking for a Trapster replacement, try Waze — seems to have a lot more momentum and it will actually save you time, not just report speed traps!

Osama wanted new name for al-Qaida to repair image

Todd Lohenry:

As a marketing manager, all my challenges pale by comparison…

Originally posted on Bright, shiny objects!:

And you think you’ve got branding challenges!

Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Laden for Dai...
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As Osama bin Laden watched his terrorist organization get picked apart, he lamented in his final writings that al-Qaida was suffering from a marketing problem. His group was killing too many Muslims and that was bad for business. The West was winning the public relations fight. All his old comrades were dead and he barely knew their replacements.

Faced with these challenges, bin Laden, who hated the United States and decried capitalism, considered a most American of business strategies. Like Blackwater, ValuJet and Philip Morris, perhaps what al-Qaida really needed was a fresh start under a new name.

The problem with the name al-Qaida, bin Laden wrote in a letter recovered from his compound in Pakistan, was that it lacked a religious element, something to convince Muslims worldwide that they are in a holy war with America.


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A better business presentation is…

Nicholas Bate shares 7 thoughts on better business presos. They…

  • Are shorter rather than longer.
  • Have slides as support rather than lead.
  • Talk about the audience and their challenges rather than the presenter and his/her magnificence.
  • Start and finish on time rather than assume nobody has any other place to be.
  • Meet the objective rather than fills the time.
  • Remember it is intended to achieve change rather than simply educate so insists on actions.
  • Better than the previous time it was given.

via A Better Business Presentation Is 7 – Nicholas Bate. Get his book Love Presenting Hate (Badly Used) Powerpoint here.

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Hangouts Now Works Without Google+ Account, Becomes Part Of Google Apps For Business And Gets SLA

Todd Lohenry:

Good news for Google Hangouts fans…

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Say what you want about Google+, but it incubated two great products at Google: Hangouts for video meetings and Google+ Photos. While Photos is still deeply integrated with the social network, Hangouts is starting to grow up and it’s shedding some of its Google+ past today.

Update: Google had given us early access to its blog post about today’s announcement. In it, the company specifically referenced that anybody with a “Google account” could now use Hangouts with needing a Google+ profile. The final copy of the blog post changed that language to “any Google Apps customer account.” We regret the error. 

Until now, you had to have a Google+ account to use Hangouts if you were a Google Apps user. Starting today, that requirement is gone. Anybody with a Google Apps account will now be able to start or join a meeting from their desktop or their dedicated

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@LollyDaskal on true leadership

I follow Lolly Daskal’s blog. She recently did a nice post on leadership in which she says:

The best leaders are those who lead people to believe in themselves.

People believe in themselves when they have a reason to commit to something significant and meaningful.

Get the rest of the article here: Lead People to Believe in Themselves – Lolly Daskal | Leadership and Personal Development | Lolly Daskal.

I agree with Lolly — gone are the days of the corporate slave driver demanding loyalty — the best leaders build loyalty by helping people unpack their potential…