I have been sitting at the intersection of Marketing, Sales and Technology for over 30 years. I have served brands as a VP of Marketing, Sales and Technology [sometimes all three at once] and I have served individuals as their personal digital coach or internet plumber — whichever you prefer. I have taught Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media at both the undergraduate and graduate level. My passion is to help people you have a product, solution or thought that they want people to find. I take a practical, tactical approach using good, fast and cheap tools that make your content searchable, findable, knowable, usable and shareable. As a result, you may become credible as a thought leader in your field. I am available to help you.

Director, Marketing and Technology? Marketing Manager? Growth hacker? Personal digital coach? I don’t care what you call me — just call me at 920-265-1614 to talk about elevating your presence online.