19 thoughts on “I forgot my phone…

    • I call this the ‘Lohenry paradox’; “Ironicially, the more ways we have to communicate it seems the less we actually have to say.” So much better to be mindful and present with those you are with…

      • Lol oh man that’s funny. I have no idea where I got “mind” from. I wonder if I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life. That’s too funny.
        Anyway, thanks Todd. I’m going to check out that link. I have no clue how to go about writing one.
        I’m really excited about it, I just hope I follow through.

      • I wish I could tell you from the perspective of having done it myself, but for the past two years I have written and re-written a book that remains 70% ‘done’. Why don’t I complete it? The list of excuses is long; some I know, some I can only guess at. In all the reading I’ve done, however, the best quote I have found about writing may be this one; “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemingway. The good news is you’re already great at that so the only thing that remains is what thoughts, tools and tactics will you use! :-D

        Your statement about hope, however, makes me feel compelled to share one of my favorite quotes on the topic; http://piccsy.com/post/view/2283224

  1. I haven’t decided if I want to sell it for .99 cents, or make it free. If I offer it as a free download, and it’s REALLY good, people are more likely to buy my second ebook. That’s my theory. And if it’s free, I’ll reach more people.
    But then again, it would be fun selling it for .99 cents just to see how well it does. If it doesn’t sell for 99 cents, than maybe I’ll go down in price and make it free. So we’ll see. It’s all up in the air right now. I don’t care about the money part of it, just getting my idea’s and name out is the important thing at the moment.
    I looked into the amazon self publishing tool and it makes me drool. That’s great they offer that! I’m completely in love with amazon.

    • Ponder this, grasshopper; the Amazon self-publishing program is cool, but they take a 70% commission — the reality is if you offer your book at $5.00, you get to keep $1.50. Still, however, I think it’s may be worth it. Personally, I’d have a hard time charging more than $3.00 only because one of my clients, Nilofer Merchant, who does TED talks and writes for the Harvard Business Review has one of the hottest business books on Amazon this summer and her cost is only $3.03 [although I think it should be $13.03]…

      Another option that I just remembered is a tool called Vook; if I recall correctly, you can use it freely but if you want to distribute through Apple, Google and Amazon, there is a one time fee of $99. Still, again, it may be worth it…

      Last thought regarding free? “That which obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly.” Not, me — Thomas Paine. I think you need to charge SOMETHING if you want to be taken seriously. I’d gladly pay $5.00 to have all your wide-eyed thoughts [intended compliment] in one portable package… :-D

  2. Yeah I thought of that too with it being free. People don’t appreciate things that are free. I’m going to look into all of these options. There’s so many ways of getting myself out there.

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