We Can’t Always Get What We Want (And That’s OK!)

Danielle Robinson writes:

Lately I’ve given myself the task of psychological inventory: what am I holding onto, what should I release.

It occurred to me this past summer when I was moving apartments how much we cling to and how little we throw away. A simple cleaning out the closet really inspired me to dig deeper.

More than hanging onto things, which our society does very well, we often use our powerful minds as a weapon, to keep ourselves repeating the same stories, reliving the same events, re-running the same conversations, finding ways to make sense of things the mind simply cannot tackle.

What kept me in a cycle of discontent, riddled with a F*ck You on my forehead, was an accumulated bitterness over circumstances that simply didn’t go my way.

At some point I needed to forgive and forget everything that stung and left a sour energy in my soul. I needed to purge it, nut up, and recognize that no one gets what they want all the time.

Not everyone has the best hand dealt to them upon birth, upon entering school, upon exiting school, upon entering the job market, the love market, the friendship market, the athletics market, the artistic market, the business market, or any other market you can fathom entering.

Full story at: We Can’t Always Get What We Want (And That’s OK!).

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