Gandhi & Buddha… What About Jesus Christ?

Kelly O’Brien writes:

Happy New Year, everyone! It seems many of us make New Years resolutions and in order to stay inspired as we revamp our diets or workout routines, relationships or careers, we turn to quotes and affirmations. Universally, we all seem to be able to relate to quotes and “life advice” from spiritual leaders throughout history: Gandhi, Buddha, etc. What about advice from Jesus Christ? It seems when many hear the name “Jesus Christ,” they recoil. Sides are taken, much like a debate between a staunch Republican and avid Democratic. People dont want to hear advice from Jesus Christ, yet his advice is as powerful as Buddha and Gandhi. You can put a quote from Gandhi on your Facebook wall and people will hit “Like” but put one from Jesus Christ and you might get defriended. If you can stay open minded, keep reading.

via Gandhi & Buddha…What About Jesus Christ?.

12 thoughts on “Gandhi & Buddha… What About Jesus Christ?

  1. I hear what you’re saying and agree to some degree. But, seems to me, I hear a lot more about Jesus the Christ than Buddha or Gandhi. That may be part of the reason people resist the message. Because of bad religious experiences & there are many.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Kat, I totally agree with you. Truth is truth and wisdom is wisdom — no matter where you find it! It’s just interesting that so many people seem to have a ‘Jesus Christ’ filter. Like you, I think part of the problem may be over exposure; either to ‘failed Christians’ or, just having heard the message so often that it gets tuned out. Me? I find ‘inspiration’ in the words of Nietszche said “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” I accept spiritual input from many ‘religions’ and in part I agree with the Sufi view that says [in part] “As water in a fountain flows in one stream but falls in many drops, divided by time and space, so are the revelations of the one stream of truth. Not everyone can comprehend the idea of different truths being derived from the one truth. Common sense has been so narrowly trained in this world of variety, that it naturally fails to realize the breadth and subtlety of a spiritual fact so far beyond the reach of its limited reasoning.”

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly except that I have no such filter concerning Jesus or Christ Consciousness. It is the All. The Second Coming that people are clamoring for … the Kingdom of God is Within.

        The boxes & paradigms are crumbling everywhere. The cracks of the old & outworn letting in the true light of day :)

  2. For those who understand spiritual warfare the answer is clear. If the enemy resides in our flesh, he has the ability to encourage our flesh to resist and recoil from the name of Jesus Christ, that name is one that will ultimately cause his demise, unlike Buddah & Ghandi as they are no threat to him and his cause. Thanks for sharing, Blessings to you!

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