6 thoughts on “Don’t Walk Too Far

  1. This is lovely… and powerfully wise too. I wanted to mention that I truly admire how you always provide links to the source of your shared posters, and I shall endeavour to search better for my posters to include links to the source. When the poster-maker includes their web address like Live Life Happy does, it makes it easier! Thanks again :) ~Gina

    • Gina, the tool I use most often is a bookmarklet called Press This which is part of WordPress.com [it's in the tools menu -- just drag it to your bookmarks bar!] Press this automatically provides a link back to the source. This way I’m not only helping the original author promote their content, I’m providing a valuable external link that will benefit the author as well. I thought I might have done a screencast on Press This, but if I have, I can’t find it. I found this for you instead; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja865IqdqNI


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