Jeg har mistet min vei

Don’t worry! If you’re looking for Todd Lohenry, you’re in the right place — I’ve just made a few changes to get myself back on track!

For me birthdays are a time of reflection and this year was no exception; I spent a lot of time thinking about this blog and what it isn’t trying to accomplish here and here is my conclusion: I was a foreign language major in college and one semester I took a little Norwegian. One of the phrases I remember after 30 years is “I’m lost” — Jeg har mistet min vei. Point? Focus. I lost mine on this blog and it is affecting my life in other areas and draining resources from other important projects so I’m going through the same process for myself that I would do with any client — in other words, I’m going to eat my own dog food and sharpen my focus.

Backstory: I started blogging with Google’s blogger over seven years ago. Three years later I moved to WordPress. Throughout that seven years my personal blog has been a place to practice my blogging skills while sharing personal or non-business thoughts. Until 2008 I was very involved in the political process and earlier posts will reflect that. Now my focus has shifted from divisive politics to compassionate communication around Celebrate Recovery and the things that I have learned through that program. This blog is a way of working my “12th Step” by sharing the good things I find along the way and I am changing the name to reflect that sharpened focus.

The universe provided a great reminder this morning — a quote from David Allen in a post from Ciara Conlon on the Lifehacker blog which I curated here but the image is worth repeating…

My WordPress username is kingofcuration and there’s a good reason for that; in my consultancy I have developed a very efficient workflow for thought leadership marketing — kind of a “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle called the ‘e1evation workflow‘ — but just because I can do this better and faster than most people doesn’t mean I should. My focus should and must be my business, my business blog and applying the workflow to that process. Perhaps even more important at the moment is the book I am writing about thought leadership marketing which I must finish this month…

I don’t want to fall into this trap!

Questions? Feedback?

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