5 Ways You Can Do Anything But Not Everything

Ciara Conlon writes:

“After reading the… words by David Allen, do you feel disappointment or relief? My first reaction was relief — relief in the realization that it is not possible or realistic to get everything done. There will always be stuff on your to-do list and always projects that don’t get done. Accepting this reality is the first step to creating the life of stress-free productivity that Allen invites us to have.

I’m a mother, a coach, a trainer, a blogger, an author, and a huge tennis fan, so this month my time is tight (Wimbledon season). Time is always tight for most of us; deciding what to focus our limited time on is the issue. So the question is this:

How do we identify what is the “Anything” that we want in our lives, and what bits are the “Everything” — the things that can be removed from your lists of goals and to-dos?” Get the answer here: 5 Ways How You Can Do Anything…But Not Everything.

I love Ciara’s ideas — I hope you followed the link and read them. Me? I curated this content as a reminder to myself along the lines of what the Apostle Paul said; “All things are possible, but not all things are beneficial”. Focus, focus, focus…

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