Your attitude is more important than the facts

Kristin Barton Cuthriell writes:

Any fact facing us, however difficult, even seemingly hopeless, is not so important as our attitude toward that fact.  How you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You may permit a fact to overwhelm you mentally before you start to deal with it actually. On the other hand, a confident and optimistic thought pattern can modify or overcome the fact altogether. -Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

A bitter why me attitude will have you going in the wrong direction. It is much healthier to focus your energy on what you can do.

You may have been unfortunate. You may have even been victimized. You may need to grieve your losses, allowing yourself some time to feel sad, angry, and out of sorts. But there comes a time, when it is in your best interest to accept what is and move toward solutions.

The solution does not mean that you will erase the past. You can’t. But the solution does lie in accepting what is, putting away the bitter why me mindset, and opting for a Given my situation, what can I do now attitude.

Focusing on how things use to be or what you use to be able to do can sometimes create a downward spiral both emotionally and physically.  Replacing this paradigm with a solution focused goal oriented mindset can have the opposite effect, creating healthy momentum.

The solution lies within the attitude. It is what it is. What can I do moving forward?

What can you do to improve your attitude? What can you do to improve your life?” via Your attitude is more important than the facts.

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