Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

imagesKudos to client Jackie Dumaine for this article that appeared in the Calgary Herald…

Before entering the world of yoga, Jackie Dumaine worked in advertising sales for radio and did that for five years.

She was extremely successful at it and made a very “healthy” six-figure income.

“However, it was quickly not becoming in alignment with my values anymore. The industry is a little bit competitive and a little bit cutthroat,” she says. “And something was pulling me towards a life that was more spiritual and more heart-centred.

“And when I started a yoga practice, that desire, that longing, just heightened and that’s what spawned my thoughts of leaving radio and going to India to study yoga and meditation.”

When she was in India, what fascinated her the most was the philosophy behind the postures. She went there to learn how to teach the physical aspect of yoga, how to teach an actual yoga class.” via Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World.

May this article get you everything you so richly deserve, Jack!

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