Melody Beattie shares this:

We feel safe around direct, honest people. They speak their minds, and we know where we stand with them.

Indirect people, people who are afraid to say who they are, what they want, and what they’re feeling, cannot be trusted. They will somehow act out their truth even though they do not speak it. And it may catch everyone by surprise.

Directness saves time and energy. It removes us as victims. It dispenses with martyrdom and games. It helps us own our power. It creates respectful relationships.

It feels safe to be around direct, honest people. Be one.

Today, I will own my power to be direct. I do not have to be pas­sive, nor do I need to be aggressive. I will become comfortable with my own truth, so those around me can become comfortable with me.” via June 23: Directness.

6 thoughts on “Directness

  1. I adore your blog! There are so many wonderful posts that I can relate to. I have reblogged several of your posts to my blog, Happy, Healthy Living because I believe in trying to help others the same way I have been helped by learning certain “truths” about being a happy, healthy human.

    I went through a life altering change nine years ago that left me shaken, terrified and depressed for years. But the good news is that I made it out the other side intact and hopefully stronger and wiser than I was before.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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