Looking for something to do


Jon Swanson writes:

Time to talk about strengths. The capacities that we have to do things.

For example, I find it easy to see the connections between things that no one else sees. Sometimes this gets me in trouble. Sometimes people think I’m merely being silly. But sometimes these connections look like creativity. Sometimes people say “I never thought of it that way.”

That’s a strength of mine. It’s not the best strength or my only strength. It’s not something that other people need to desire. In fact, why do you need it if I have it? What you could say is, “What can Jon and I do together, if he can see odd connections and I can actually implement them?” Because I am a lousy implementer.

You may be able to see a strength of mine better than you can see your own strengths. What we do from our strengths, we don’t think of as a strength, because it is just how we are. So we believe we don’t have any strengths, nothing that we are capable of, nothing that God can use for anything significant. We just have what we do.

It’s worth thinking carefully and seriously to discover what our strengths are.

The first part of that thinking is to decide that it’s possible that God has created us with capacities. Because you know that you are thinking “I have no strengths” or “God’s got nothing I can use.” But didn’t the kid have fish and bread? 15,000 people fed.  Didn’t David know how to write little poems? The book of Psalms. Didn’t Barnabas know how to encourage people? Paul. Didn’t Moses know how to lead sheep through the desert? Deliverer.

We know the end of the stories. They just had what they did.

Tomorrow I’ll have some strength finding questions.” via Looking for something to do..

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