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“Ultimately, to grieve our losses means to surrender to our feelings.

So many of us have lost so much, have said so many good-byes, have been through so many changes. We may want to hold back the tides of change, not because the change isn’t good, but because we have had so much change, so much loss.

Sometimes, when we are in the midst of pain and grief, we become shortsighted, like members of a tribe described in the movie Out of Africa.

“If you put them in prison;’ one character said, describ­ing this tribe, “they die:’

“Why?” asked another character.

“Because they can’t grasp the idea that they’ll be let out one day. They think it’s permanent, so they die:’

Many of us have so much grief to get through. Sometimes we begin to believe grief, or pain, is a permanent condition.

The pain will stop. Once felt and released, our feelings will bring us to a better place than where we started. Feeling our feelings, instead of denying or minimizing them, is how we heal from our past and move forward into a better future. Feeling our feelings is how we let go.

It may hurt for a moment, but peace and acceptance are on the other side. So is a new beginning.

God, help me fully embrace and finish my endings, so I may be ready for my new beginnings.” via June 11: Sadness.

10 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Todd, your article is absolutely magical! I like it alot! I have been through so much losses.
    My dad just passed from stage 4 colon cancer.He was a spiritualist alike myself.
    I spent the last months at his bed-side. He was filled with glee knowing that he was going to a beautiful place and that his journey had began. I could go on and on about how he told me to be happy for him and how I dealt with it. However, I have a memoir coming out soon about my dad and how he was consistent with who he was as a dad and when you read this book, you will understand and also see that memoirs can be a pleasure to read and not always full of abuse, addiction and negativity. I will definitely remember you when this book comes out. May you be surrounded constantly by peace, love, and light.

    Angela Brent-Harris

    • Angela, thank you for your kind words, but I want to be sure you understand I am only the messenger here — the thoughts come from “Codependent No More” author Melody Beattie. I am simply a curator pointing the way to her good thoughts…

      When you publish, please send me a digital version of your book so that I can help amplify your thoughts as well. I’ll be following your blog from now on, too!

      Namaste right back at you!


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