2 thoughts on “Work-Out Inspiration

  1. Do you have any more handy reminders for keeping healthy, I’m trying to lose some weight, but working too hard and finding it easy to make excuses not to exercise.

    • Well, I actually borrowed these from my blogging buddy David Kanigan. I’ve been making a lot of progress in this area thanks to my smartphone. I use tools like HabitForge to create new habits and Endomondo and My Fitness Pal to track my progress. The key for me? One day at a time! But, if you do something for 30 ‘one day at a times’, pretty soon you’ll find you have a new habit. I do some form of exercise every day [sometimes multiple times] now. My wife is my workout buddy for most of them but not all — spending more time with her is a big plus, too. I’ve also started to stop eating so much crap and start eating more live foods without condiments. I’ve stopped drinking much besides water, tea and coffee as well. I also threw out my scale because it kept lying to me! :-D

      Bottom line? Do the right things and the right results follow. There is no substitute…

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