Newborn Kitten Care

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My favorite kitty Boo had babies two days ago and I was wondering when I can handle them. Web M.D. says:

Kittens who are with their mother should not be over-handled, especially not during their first week of life-this may upset the mother. If the kitten in your care is younger than one week old, please consult your veterinarian. In order to properly socialize a young feline to humans, start to handle him from the second week on through the seventh week-this is considered an important time for socialization.

Please note, kittens are prone to injury if handled roughly-anyone who handles the little ones in your care will need to be very gentle. Young children in particular should be supervised.” via Newborn Kitten Care.

I don’t know why I find it so funny that Web M.D. has a pet section, but I do… :-D

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