Why is the Queen still revered?

The ever controversial Niall O’Dowd writes this:

If the Queen of England were an elected position Elizabeth II  would have been forced out long ago.

Her sixty-year reign has coincided with the total loss of the British Empire and a deeply reduced place for Britain in the world.

Just consider 1953, the year she came to the throne.

It was still the aftermath of the Second World War and Britain was first among all countries in Europe.

The detested Germans were defeated and partitioned and their economy and country seemingly in ruins.

Fast forward 60 years and the Germans are running Europe again and Britain is back to being sick man of Europe along with Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Ireland of course.

They hardly have a voice in European affairs which are now overseen by France and Germany basically.

Back in 1953 the new Queen oversaw an empire that governed vast tracts of land in Africa, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere on the globe.

During her reign the British were reduced to fighting Argentina over an utterly nondescript island called Malvinas/Falklands and playing second fiddle to American forces just about everywhere.

The decline and fall of the British Empire under Elizabeth in another era would have resulted in a trial and the Tower of London for a goodly spell methinks.” Get more here: Why the Queen who lost the British Empire is still revered — Elizabeth II lucky she’s not locked in the Tower of London | Periscope Niall O’Dowd | IrishCentral.

I’m not sure I have a retort…

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