ParadoxicalProductivity: The First 14


Nicholas Bate writes…

“1: Send Less E-Mail. Get less e-mail.

2: Tidy Up. Gain clarity.

3: Fewer People. Faster, focused and easier.

4: Use A Wall Planner Not Your Phone To Plan. The future, not just today.

5: You KNOW the problem: (1) Wake Up (2) Look Up (3) Get Real

6: Stand Up. Gain determination.

7: You Don’t Need To Be Nice. Polite, loyal and on time definitely. But this ain’t kindergarten.

8: Put the work in at the start. For an easy life later on.

9: Take A Break. It activates higher brain where the best work is always done.

10: Start at the end. Start with the result you want and work backwards.

11: Work Hard To Maintain The Relationship. Productive business needs trusting relationships.

12: Make Small, Big. And Big, Small. Get perspective/get a plan.

13: Know Your Rhythm. Follow your rhythm rather than just the Siren’s call of pure urgency.

14: Re-claim your unique advantage. Stop & Think.

The detail here.

Bonus 1:  Professionalism 101

Bonus 2: How To Be Brilliant

Bonus 3: How To Be Brilliant at Business” via ParadoxicalProductivity, Director’s Cut: The First 14.

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