Just in case you missed this for 5/23/2012

  1. Top tweets…

  2. toddlohenry
    “Is discrimination obscured when the gates of marriage are opened?” http://bit.ly/KcW5qZ I have to think about this one…
    Wed, May 23 2012 07:53:15
  3. toddlohenry
    Best Friend Benefits | Psychology Today http://bit.ly/KcN9SF Not ‘friends with benefits’ — just best friend benefits! :-D
    Wed, May 23 2012 07:17:26
  4. toddlohenry
    Why Birthdays Matter (And Why They Don’t) | Psychology Today http://bit.ly/KcN7Kz
    Wed, May 23 2012 07:16:31
  5. toddlohenry
    Lisa Earle McLeod: How to Get Things Done: Separate Your Work Modes http://huff.to/JPCKzR
    Wed, May 23 2012 06:50:07
  6. toddlohenry
    Gretchen Rubin: What’s the Most Popular Resolution for Happiness? http://huff.to/Kb2uTy
    Wed, May 23 2012 06:40:02
  7. toddlohenry
    Is There a Problem with Facebook Advertising? – eMarketer http://twy.la/LAlCyG
    Tue, May 22 2012 19:53:34
  8. toddlohenry
    The Docking Station Hosts FREE Event For Business Professionals to Get Started Using Social CRM | e1evation http://bit.ly/JRMqHW
    Tue, May 22 2012 16:33:26

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