Love Yourself First!

“Do you ever feel like you haven’t loved or been loved enough in your life, and you desire more? Do you ever think, “When I find my true love then I’ll be complete?” Or perhaps you are already in a long-term relationship and you’d like it to be more loving?

As long as you search for love outside of yourself, you will never find it.”  via Love Yourself First | FinerMinds.

4 thoughts on “Love Yourself First!

  1. Marie Alesbury says:

    Oh so true….yet so may people all over this beautiful earth don’t get it….i know i didn’t for the first 30 years of my life but then i got it!The penny dropped…Phew, inner preace at last…teaching this kinda stuff should be a government funded directive i say! i just wanna spread the love now check out my latest on love and how to love your life if you fancy ;-)

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