I Am Who I Am, and Who I Am is That, and That is That

Are you closer to the aims of your youth, or are you a copy of a copy, a tangent of a tangent, a limit of a limitation? Are you an imitation of your intended path?

If the answer is not:


then the answer resides in your sea of pain. Whether conscious of it or not—it is still painful in the long run.

The key to remaining powerful and on point; the key to living in the answer, “I AM WHO I AM” is a combination of avid flexibility and daily consistency. Flexibility prevents you from taking offense to the constant offense of time. Consistency allows you to navigate the constant defensive nature of space. For every one of your actions is an equal reaction. Therefore you must consistently and flexibly check your course against that “master map”—I AM WHO I AM—in order for your life to remain connected with the direction of your core intention. Otherwise, it is increasingly easy to become that tangent of a tangent and then a copy of a copy and then the limits of the limitations of your imitations.

You are either moving forward or backward. Life is never stagnant. Change is the only real constant. There is no standing still in this material creation. Therefore, one must apply a strong daily directional intent to remain on point. Otherwise your direction will be chosen for you—not by you.

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