There Are Good People Out There

Here’s a good story for a Sunday morning…

“The media is filled with stories of “bad” people—people to be feared. By watching the nightly news one would assume that our world is populated by people who would rather hurt than help us; who would go to great lengths to avoid lending a helping hand.
Fortunately, we know better.

My husband and I, along with our twin sons, have spent a total of four years cycling the Americas. We’ve pedaled 27,000 miles in all, including a three-year journey from Alaska to Argentina that spanned fifteen countries.

Wonder how many “bad” people we encountered in three years, 27,000 miles, and fifteen countries? I could count them on one hand.” via There Are Good People Out There [BLOG] « Positively Positive.

Follow the ‘via’ link to read the whole story…

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