10 Websites to Organize Your Life

There was a time when “spring cleaning” meant dusting the bookshelves, straightening up your drawers, and packing off a few things to consignment, but with a broad array of organizational websites and mobile apps now conveniently at your fingertips, why stop at just the house? These days, you can get a handle on everything from your bank account to your biceps—all from the phone in your pocket—and many of these new tools take getting organized a step into the future by harnessing the very powerful tool of analytics. After all, as they say, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Vogue.com has pulled together ten of our favorite new startups and digital classics that help you to tidy up that closet and get yourself in top form.

via SpringCleaning.com: 10 Websites to Organize Your Life – Vogue Daily – Vogue.

Follow the ‘via’ link above for some good organizing resources. To Vogue’s list I would add

  • Use Gmail for just in time info…
  • Use Google Reader for just in case info…
  • Use Google Tasks for your todos…
  • Use Evernote for the stuff you have to remember…

These are all ‘websites, too!

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