If it isn’t working

Nicholas Bate shares this…

(1) It’s maybe them (2) It’s maybe the system (3) It’s maybe you (4) It’s maybe a combo of all three (5) But the one you can start with is you (6) Get good (7) Get really good (8) Don’t accept any excuses from that crappy inner voice which reports to your dark side (9) one more hit of the snooze button? (10) ha ha, no way! (11) one more cup of coffee? (12) absolutely not! (13) skip the gym, it’s been a tough day! (14) are you crazy!? (15) as once you repair you, they realise they need fixing otherwise they simply lose you. (16) and once you re-invent you, you have so much energy, focus and cool, it’ll only take minutes to fix the system.

Source: If It Isn’t Working 16 – Nicholas Bate

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