Focus On The Best Of You

Focus On The Best Of You
Here are some good thoughts from Ishta Gupta that I wanted to share with you…

Many of us are raised to be anxious, fearful, insecure people. These emotional aspects have a lot of pull over us, and it feels like an uphill, losing battle when we try and improve. Eventually, we begin to believe that no matter how much we do, we just can’t change.

Hopelessness is created and sustained by self-bullying.

What if instead of exhausting ourselves with doubt, we listened to the parts of us that encourage? You know the ones. We forget them because it takes quiet and safety for them to come out, and bullying ourselves doesn’t make us feel safe.

But these benevolent parts do—very much—exist. And when they are heard, they’re powerful.

They give you energy, rather than make you spend it. You feel nourished, not judged. Sustained, not drained. They show you that you’re all right—maybe even good. You’re at ease, able to pause instead of quickly reacting. They show you that you may even be mostly kind and honest.

Source: Focus On The Best Of You [BLOG] « Positively Positive

Go to the source if you’d like to see her thoughts on discovering the best parts of you…

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