Love & Hate Can’t Occupy The Same Space…

Love ? I love love love you.

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

You’re either loving or hating – it can’t be both.

No one really understands that love and hate can’t occupy the same space until they experience real love.  Love is love and hate is hate. The two do not mix because, when put next to one another, love will consume the hate. Hence the phrase, “love conquers all.”

When you experience real love you find that you no longer can hate anyone else. What was hate towards others is now replaced with sympathy. You feel sorry for those that you would normally hate because now you understand that they are the way they are because they’ve never experienced real love. This type of love does exist because I have it. It started by loving myself, understanding my purpose and knowing my worth. After that, I was able to love any and everyone else.

Love changes things! Love conquers all!!

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