Putting in fence…

I’m not always happy that my wife has a passion for hobby farming that makes me a farmhand. Playing Farmville is so much cleaner and easier…


Taken with picplz at Home in Pierce, WI.

Every once in awhile, though, I take time to find some meaning in the task at hand. Yesterday, we were working on expanding the area enclosed by our electric fence. Putting up the original fence last year really kicked my butt! Now, I’ve learned enough that I could start an electric fence company…

In expanding the fence, I wanted to take advantage of some wooden posts that were already on our property so that I’d have some really solid corners to build on. I took this picture while waiting for one of my helpers. I paused to think about the ‘poetry’ of the post — a previous land owner put in that post God knows how many years ago. It may have been 10. It may have been 100. It was probably erected to contain dairy cattle, but who knows? This is how I entertain myself on some of these projects by thinking of the whole ‘circle of life’ thing as the land passes from one ‘farmer’ to the next…

50 years from now, someone might wonder about this hardware and who installed it. Maybe not. It intrigues me — or at least it keeps my kind of sane as I work on these projects…

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